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Council pitches idea for more sports fields

Stage Three of the Queenstown Lakes District’s (QLDC) Proposed District Plan (PDP) suggests the zoning of the old oxidation ponds, section 32, 100 Ballantyne Road to active sport and recreation, and Sport Central and Upper Clutha Sports Community...... Read More

A trapping bonanza in Makarora

Beech trees differ from most plants in producing abundant seeds only every three or four years in what’s called a ‘mast’, a truly amazing event with some 50 million seeds falling per hectare of forest. Once a beech mast occurs the...... Read More

Red dust sweeps through Wānaka

Smoke and dust from the devastating bushfires along the New South Wales (NSW) and Queensland coastline turned New Zealand’s skies red⁠—and ash to fall from the sky in some areas including Wānaka—last weekend.  There are more...... Read More

Two Aspiring Guides clients die in climbing accident

Wānaka-based Aspiring Guides have confirmed that two of its clients have died following a climbing accident on a guided trip on The Remarkables mountain range near Queenstown.  The victims have been named as 44-year-old James Harry Spaile of...... Read More

Maternity review a damning report

The Southern District Health Board (SDHB) released an independent report last Friday, of an external review of their performance in maternal health, conducted by Ernst and Young. The verdict was not good.  The report said, the Hub “would...... Read More

Blood pressure checks reveal Wānaka’s health

The free blood pressure checks offered on Saturday 5 October at New World, showed that of 117 tests, 13 percent had high blood pressure. High blood pressure is one of the leading causes of stroke, so that information could have been life-saving.  “We...... Read More

Public submissions for healthy freshwater

The government’s Action for Healthy Waterways discussion document generated 17,500 submissions.  Responses were generally supportive of the government’s overarching goals to improve freshwater quality in New Zealand by preventing further...... Read More

Wānaka’s painful little secret

In response to a repeating theme in the Police crimeline every week, the Wānaka Sun was concerned at the regularity that police reported “We attended a family harm incident this week.”  In a beautiful little town like ours, with a...... Read More

Ambassadors ensure camping compliance

Last year’s initiative on responsible camping ambassadors proved so successful, they will be back in force this summer and up in numbers from 12 to 16.  “We took a lot of learning away from last year’s project which included...... Read More

Your vote means money in the right hands

Many of Wānaka’s loved local organisations are direct recipients of the Central Lakes Trust —  an organisation that has handed out over $99 million in grants back into the Central Otago and Queenstown Lakes community since its inception...... Read More