Couple give up jobs to share zero waste secrets

Photo: Rexine Hawes


Zero wasters come to Wanaka

A couple who live their lives creating zero waste are coming to Wanaka to share their secrets.

Liam Prince and Hannah Blumhardt, who have lived without a bin for three years, are touring the country to give talks on how everyone can cut down on household rubbish and will be in town next month.

They call their journey The Rubbish Trip and Liam said that although it covers issues like the effect of waste on the environment, it focuses on practical tips.

“We are coming to talk about how to reduce household rubbish. Most people are reasonably aware that large amounts of waste isn’t a good thing, but the talk is solutions-focused,” he said.

Hannah said, “It’s also localised, so if we were living in Wanaka, where would we shop and how would we reduce waste.”

The couple are almost nine months into their tour, which they gave up their jobs and lives in Wellington to do.

Hannah said, “It was just supposed to be a personal thing and we were motivated by the reasons we discuss in our talk. Then when we started living this lifestyle, we realised it wasn’t that hard. We were saving money, we had more time and we were eating better.

“So many New Zealanders do care and do want to make a difference, but don’t know where to start. Because we have been doing it for a while, we can provide a shortcut. It’s to make it easy for people.”

The talk lasts for 90 minutes, half of which is made up of practical waste-saving tips.

It will be held at St John’s Rooms, 4 Link Way on Saturday April 14, starting at 2pm. Entry is free.

Photo: Rexine Hawes

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