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Letter to the Editor | Edition 858

Dear editor, It is quite unusual to see a so self-limiting and regulation-loving nation as Kiwis.

Showers and toilets should be built and operated as they are in other developed countries.

It is good for the local economy, and the perception of New Zealand improves.

Besides, the environmental quality improves and citizens can have a better life.

I was lucky to live in and visit several countries. In the US, plenty of facilities are available for free (ensured by the federal or state government).

Also, Walmart allows campers to use their parking lots and the 24/7 toilets.

In arid areas, they won’t use the flush toilets anymore (for instance in the Grand Canyon) but more expensive, modern solutions.

It is ridiculous that Kiwis themselves are asking for a greater penalty for other kiwis and feel better people by having a self-containing unit. It is the elitism (snob-ism) of the poor.

I think it is a crime against humanity that millions of livestock can shit everywhere and rivers can be destroyed by them, while people’s shit or pee is considered as a crime. Seriously, what is that?

I remember the block of flats I lived in Hungary, and some of our neighbours let their dogs poop and pee around the kids’ playground.

I wanted to shit in the middle of the grassy area to question the uneducated dumbos, how could my shit be worse than their dogs’ shit was?

In New Zealand, how is it possible that people are so self-regulating that they cannot recognise their fundamental rights of enjoying life?

A cow has more right than a poor person. Sad, only the inconsiderate poor snobs’ opinion forming is sadder.

Yours sincerely,

Rob Radics

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