Wānaka artist spreads the love

Sonia Richter’s half finished community hand painting is made of the silhouettes of people’s hands.

Local artist Sonia Richter has taken time during the lockdown to spread community spirit inthe form of a collaborative art piece. 

Richter explained that, “As an artist, life events often inspire artworks and a global pandemic was bound to spur a few. One morning I was scrolling through Facebook over my morning coffee and saw a post from an artist giving out ideas of things to make [and] his idea was to draw your hands on your windows so you could feel connected to people as you walked past.  

“I thought I could take this further, and paint all the hands together, connecting us all in isolation.  So I quickly wrote up a brief and started asking people to send me images of their hands, or their bubble’s hands together, as a symbol of connectedness and solidarity.

“So I started doodling these images on the canvas and as hands started coming in, painting the silhouettes, like cave drawings, capturing this profound time in history and fusing us all together, as one.”

Richter started the painting (pictured, half finished) on April 2 and is still accepting as many hands as possible so that the community can be “united together through art.” She hopes that the finished painting will be able to be displayed somewhere for it to be enjoyed by residents, “As a community artwork, I'd love you all to see it, so I will find a place in town to display it once we are out of lockdown.”

Submissions of hand pictures are to be sent to: sonia@soniarichter.com. Richter added that it was extra merit points for anyone who could get the prime minister’s hand.

Read edition 970 of the Wānaka Sun here. 

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