Erik’s fish and chips reading challenge

Read five books and a free feed of fish and chips is up for grabs for any primary school student.

Logic1, a local Wānaka company, has worked hard to give all Wānaka children who are at primary school a treat after lockdown is over.

In 2019 the company launched an initiative whereby any student who read five books would receive a free kid’s meal from Eric's Fish and Chips. That's half a scoop of chips and tomato sauce and either a hot dog or four fish bites, valued at $6.50.

Teacher in charge of the library at Wānaka Primary School Melissa Ashby was blown away by the success of the programme and how it encouraged children to read.

"One of the main reasons I am very keen to offer this deal is that we have a son who struggled when learning to read and consequently it was tough to get him to read anything more than comics. He loved and still loves food, so this will work a treat for him," Ashby said.

General manager sales Cardrona Distillery Theo Arndt said: "Learning to read was a real struggle for me. If it weren't for my parents putting in a lot of extra hours, in particular, my Dad reading me many chapter books as I grew up, I would not be where I am today. I encourage all children to take part in this challenge."

One of the initiators of the scheme Anna Arndt said:" In 2020 we were planning to launch into all local primary schools, we had contacted them all and had meetings with some of them.

 "Due to lockdown, it has now been launched online so students can have a treat when all this is over."

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