Ambassadors ensure camping compliance

Twelve to 16 ambassadors will be roaming the district this summer.

Last year’s initiative on responsible camping ambassadors proved so successful, they will be back in force this summer and up in numbers from 12 to 16. 

“We took a lot of learning away from last year’s project which included feedback from ambassadors, community groups, registered campgrounds and the project team,” said Craig Gallaher from Summit Events who is implementing the camping strategy for council. 

“Our MBIE funding application reflected our changes for this year’s project. We are certain there will be noticeable improvements in this year’s project. We have a great mix of ambassadors whose passions are the outdoors, environment and similar related studies to this project. We also have a local Queenstowner, someone who’s lived in Wānaka for more than seven years and some friends of ambassadors last year, all of which are keen to make a positive change in our district. It’s also worth noting we reviewed the feedback from how the Summer Camping initiatives went in 2018, and made further changes accordingly, which again puts this project in a better position,” commented Gallagher. 

The new staff will involve 12 fulltime ambassadors, from the beginning of November to the end of April, plus four more ambassadors from mid-December to end February totalling 16 over the peak period. This will result in more feet on the ground being the friendly face to the project educating campers, district-wide coverage, closer working with other agencies. 

“We roster the ambassadors four days on two days off, which allows us to have four ambassadors working on any given day, so this will allow many interactions per day at the service hub and while roaming, something we are tracking more this project. As we noted below we expect the peak to be mid-December to end February, which aligns with our extra ambassadors coming on-board”. 

Moreover, the ambassadors will visit registered campgrounds across the district, gaining vital first-hand experience to actively promote all campgrounds throughout the project. The free overnight hubs will not be operating this year as ambassadors refer campers to campgrounds. 

Responsible Camping 2019

  • $788,961 received from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) specifically for the Responsible Camping Project 2019.

  • 12 full time ambassadors from beginning November to end April plus four more ambassadors from mid-December to end February.

  • Ballantyne road service hub open 8am-8pm for certified self-contained campervans for two-hour stay. Similar set-up to last year with showers, toilets, dump station, recycling/waste station, dishwash station, water station, Wi-Fi for one hour after watching Responsible Camping video and filling out a short survey.

  • Four dedicated hybrid vehicles (2x Queenstown, 2x Wanaka) – allowing for move constant coverage by ambassadors.

  • Double the number of infringement officers around the whole district.

  • Upgrade to No Camping zone signage to make the rules clearer to visiting campers

  • New boundary signage

  • Regular social media posts detailing everything from ‘The Standard’ (self-contained warrant card info) to how to camp responsibly and locations of campgrounds

  • Tiaki Promise used throughout on new educational signage at key hot spots across district.

  • Closer collaboration with Campermate, commercial rental companies, DOC, NZTA and Councils across South Island to allow sharing of information, trends, problem spots.



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