REVIEW: Lily and the Unicorn King

Wānaka author Kate Gordon has released her debut novel.

Wānaka author Kate Gordon has released her debut novel, an adventurous pony story with fantasy elements for children aged 8-12 years. The story is set in an imaginary seaside town in New Zealand’s North Island and features pegasuses, taniwha and other mythical creatures. Gordon has been working on the book for several years and is delighted the story is now available for young readers to enjoy.

Annika Massey (13) is a Year 8 student at Mt Aspiring College who reviewed Lily and the Unicorn King for the Wānaka Sun. The book is available on all Amazon stores, Book Depository, Paper Plus Wānaka and Wheelers. 

"Lily and the Unicorn King is an action-packed, entertaining book that I really enjoyed. This is an exciting, breathtaking story for people who love animals, adventure, mystery and fantasy. The novel captures the values of friendship, trust and responsibility. 

Twelve-year old-Lily knows she has to put all her effort into training her pony for the Pony Club Championships but this focus gets interrupted first by her grandmother who wants to teach her about native herbs. She finds it increasingly difficult to fit everything into her busy life.

Then come the unicorns. The story gets particularly exciting when Lily discovers the herd of lost unicorns that come out of nowhere and they ask her to hide them from an evil sorceress. It is a really thrilling part of the book when the Unicorn King, the leader of the herd, trots up to Lily and asks, “Can you help us?” However, this request adds to Lily’s tasks and I could not put the book down as I wanted to know how she would handle them all without neglecting one or the other?

The adventure really begins when Lily decides to involve her best friends, Chloe and Sasha, by telling them about the unicorns. They are sworn to secrecy. From this point on they share many adventures. One of my favourites being when Lily and her two friends have a sleepover and sneak out in the middle of the night to help the mystical herd. 

This story is quite gripping and amusing. From the first page, I just knew it was going to be a very special book as it is entertaining right down to the last page. I think many young readers will love reading all about Lily’s adventures. 

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